Do your customers have specific nutritional and hydration needs? Our thickened beverages from the Hydra+ line and our protein-supplemented Nutri+ beverages are specially fomulated to meet their needs.

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Make life easier for people with dysphagia

Dysphagia, a condition that makes swallowing difficult, may affect hydration and nutrition; it commonly touches people over 50. Nearly 50% of people living in assisted living centres and nursing homes suffer from dysphagia. Lassonde Food Service offers juices of varying consistency that play a key role in these people’s well-being.

To support a patient’s daily fibre intake

Discover our Fairlee Nature’s Best peach drink with fibre, specially developed to complete fibre intake. Each 250 mL portion contains 5 grams of fibre, only 40 calories and provides 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C.

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