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Open to a world of flavours

Global inspiration

Regardless of the type of restaurant, a food truck or fine dining, menus are teeming with tastes from other cultures, and drinks are no exception.

Preparing creative beverages inspired by world cuisine (and tweaking them to local tastes) is not only delicious, it’s fun! Learning to combine ingredients differently opens new possibilities.

Where to start?

Add a dash of creativity to develop your own way of concocting cocktails that are sure to please consumers all over the world.

Prepare a horchata with plant milk, a nectar of your choice, a bit of lime and a touch of cinnamon.


This Spanish drink is common and very popular in Latin America. Its original version is made with nut grass (a root vegetable also called chufa), then sweetened.

Or agua frescas with fresh fruit and juice.

Agua fresca?

This drink is made from sugar water and one or many fruits (including the very popular hibiscus), mixed seeds and other local ingredients. This beverage is very popular in Mexico and in the United States.

Dare a lassis prepared with mangoes and passion fruit nectar.


This traditional drink that originated in India is made of fermented milk (like our yogurt).

Don’t be afraid to reinvent a “classic” from a faraway land… give it a touch of local flavours and your customers will be asking for more!

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