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Nutritious snacks on the go!

Flavour of the day, every day

Although market trends come and go, the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diet seems to be well rooted.

We no longer speak of trends, but of new habits, particularly in the under 40 age group. It is a fact; this segment of the population consumes more fresh produce than their predecessors.1

Help them achieve their goals… and yours

Even with changing habits and good intentions, 7 out of 10 Canadians eat less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.2

Fruit juices are an attractive solution to help consumers make healthy choices. Lassonde 100% juices are a sure bet for them and for you! By opting for a choice that aligns with your consumers’ values, you meet their needs while improving your sales.

Juice: just in time, every time

Lassonde Food Service helps you meet your customers’ demands:
  • They are in a hurry but want to eat well.
  • They want energy, but not any kind… fast food is so yesterday.
  • They like breakfast… at any time of the day.

Offer practical solutions

Lassonde’s 100% juice collection; a dose of ready-to-go flavours developed with tasty ingredients and undeniable know-how.

Paired with a morning muffin or to drink during a mid-AM meeting, individual juice portions offer consumers a practical and delicious option.

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To learn more about our offerings and all the possibilities, discover the Lassonde Food Service’s line of products.